Patch 1.23.5 : Support de DirectX 11, DirectX 12 et macOS Metal

Une meilleure expérience pour les configurations actuelles
Arkentass | 02/07/2020 à 09h30 - 0

La mise à jour 1.23.5 a été déployée cette nuit sur StarCraft Remastered. Celle-ci apporte le support de DirectX 11, DirectX 12 et macOS Metal récemment testé sur le PTR, qui offrira de meilleures performances pour les configurations actuelles et une compatibilité plus fiable lors de la sortie de nouvelles cartes graphiques.

Patch notes 1.23.5

Features and Improvements

  • Updated graphics backend; adding support for Windows DX11, DX12 and macOS Metal.
    • This change is likely to provide (in some cases significant) performance benefits as well as more reliable hardware compatibility as new video cards are released. Check out the PTR forum post.


  • Fixed stall on main menu that some players were experiencing.
  • Fix for Japanese local tool tips.
  • Fixed a nuke exploit that some cheaters were using.
  • When a new message is received, the chat log popup will only auto scroll if it is already scrolled to the bottom.
  • Updated Season 7 local maps folder with newer versions of Eclipse and Reap the Storm.
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